Boka Connect

Boka Connect is a product that enhances and simplifies integration to the various services of It handles authentication as well as communication with the Boka API to let you focus on building your application instead of communicating with our services.

This online documentation will aim to both explain the fundementals as well as provide you with code examples.

Please note that to use Boka Connect, you will need an app key used in all communication. Please email to apply for one.

Javascript SDK

To fully benefit from Boka Connect, we strongly advise you to use our SDK provided in Javascript. All examples in this documentation will therefore assume that the SDK is included in your application. Please see the Getting started page on how to set up the SDK.

The SDK is lightweight, supports all major browsers and is independent of any third-party libraries.

SDK Modules

To ensure that the SDK make as little impact as possible on your application, we offer the option to customize the SDK by including only the modules necessary for your application. For more information, see the Modules section on the Getting started page.